Racin’ Toward The Finish Line

Have you ever competitively run? It seems like each spring and summer that my Instagram feed consists wholly of half-marathon finishers. While inspiring, I’ve never felt the desire to run. You know how some people’s gaits are streamlined, smooth, and seamless? Well, I’m a self-diagnosed pavement pounder. Every step I take gives me more reason to loathe running. That being said, I’m running in my first race this weekend!

I know, I’m crazy. I just went off about how much I hate running and how totally unenjoyable I find it to be. However, I’m doing it for a good cause. That alone makes me feel like everything will be alright and instills a sense of confidence within me.

Most people train before their first runs, I—again—prove to be contrary and have not trained requisitely. I did give up cheese and wine for the week, so in a way, I’ve made headway toward a healthier lifestyle already. I did do a bit of due dilligence leading up to the starting line, and have been trying to follow the below rules about running your first race:

1.  Practice for the run you’re participating in

2. Don’t push more than 10%

3. Eat two hours before running

4. 10 minute warm ups are your best friend

5. If it hurts, take two days off

Wish me luck! Let’s hope my 3:45am PST start time doesn’t make for the worst Monday. Thankful for ZeroCater and in-office breakfast to start the week!

Bacon or Sausage?

As a long-standing proponent of all things breakfast, the bacon versus sausage debate is one that I hold close to my heart. After twenty+ years of indulging, my love for both is so great that it is nearly impossible for me to choose between the two savory not-just-for-breakfast items.

Justine Sterling and Noah Kaufman, both of Food and Wine, broke the debate down even further and raised some very interesting points that have made me see the light and choose a side once and for all.

Sterling argues that sausage has the edge against bacon due to versatility. It can come as a link and serve as a juicy component to complete breakfast, and it also can be a patty that fits perfectly inside your breakfast sandwich. She also notes how mainstream bacon has become, and frankly, it is downright obnoxious. No, I do not want bacon-scented body wash… but I kind of do.

Similarly, Kaufman argues bacon’s extreme versatility. Bacon can be everything from the heart of a perfectly layered BLT, to the salty crumbles atop a nice Cobb Salad, to a crispy surprise to balance out your Bloody Mary.

Okay, so if you haven’t guessed it, I am #TeamBacon. Maybe I always have been? I don’t know, but I sure do know that any way you serve it, in all of its hickory-smoked, thick-slab glory; I will be the first in line for seconds.

If you are on the fence, as I was, check out Kaufman’s closing argument, and find the entire article here. Also, treat yourself to the Bacon & Beer Classic at Citi Field this Saturday!


Noun: A Strong Desire to Travel

When is the last time you planned a big trip? It’s been too hard as of late for me. Too expensive, can’t take work off… the excuses keep piling up as to why I can’t take off and travel the world.

When spring break rolled around in college, we’d always waffle on outrageous ideas like London, a Euro trip, or Cabo. Eventually, we realized how little planning leads to less adventure and settled for a road trip down south to San Diego. Contrary to inital thought,  we embarked on the most fun trip we could have ever imagined.

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Out With the Hot, In With the Cold

As the sweltering sun shines more intensely each day this summer, the desire for a cool refreshment is an obvious choice. Out with the hot and in with the cold! It’s time to swap out your warm vanilla lattes for your iced frappuccinos.

Just like spring cleaning, it’s smart to seasonally revamp your go-to recipes and cycle in some fresh ones. As an entertainer myself, I am often on the hunt to find the latest and greatest for appetizers and cocktails. I am already prepping for this summer.

My first suggestion is a blended drink, specifically, homemade smoothies. They are healthy, delicious, quick, and easy to make. There are so many options to choose from. I tend to go the fresh fruit and veggie route and often indulge in the decadent route. Simply take a variety of fruit from your fridge, add in some spinach leaves, iced cubes, and Greek yogurt, and you will be shocked at how tasty it is and how great you feel afterward. You can also jazz smoothies up by placing them in classy wine glasses or other stemware in your kitchen.

Alternatively, I currently am hooked on a personal concoction of mine named ‘The Chocolate Dream,’ for obvious reasons. It consists of a small carton of chocolate milk, a banana, a couple tablespoons of peanut butter, and if you’d like, a small amount of espresso chips. It’s tasty, extremely satisfying… and possibly addicting.

For a unique take on an appetizer idea, I recently discovered the ‘Avocado Chicken Salad’ recipe. It is perfect for summer, has great color, and if you are obsessed with avocados, this is sure to hit the spot. If you are entertaining, your guests will appreciate something different and cool—and it makes for a great appetizer or a main entrée.

A fresh idea for an adult beverage is the ‘Kumquat Fizz.’ Not only will the name give you points in your social circles, but it also is actually quite delicious and does not necessitate a lot of ingredients. To me, that is so important and means I can make it more than once.

Hoping these recipes inspire you to retire some of your long-lived favorites in order to make room for some new ones. Cheers!

Everybody Eats!

Charitybuzz and Apple are stirring up some interesting conversations about the value of lunch. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is auctioning off a lunch date with himself by allowing people to bid each other out for the opportunity. All proceeds benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, and in previous years, the bids for this lunch has exceeded half a million dollars.

Not every CEO holds the celebrity status Tim Cook does, but they do still hold the title. Holding such a position carries a powerful responsibility to empower your teams and embrace leading your troops to success. A simple 60-minute lunch with Tim Cook costs hundreds of thousands dollars. What would it cost your company to have your own CEO sit with the rest of the employees at lunchtime in the office?

Top-down management styles explore the effects of employee morale and job satisfaction by measuring how transparent management is with the rest of the organization. By bringing executives and staff together for an informal lunch, a company culture can evolve into a more connected environment. An environment that promotes collaboration, transparency, and employees is a recipe for success.

ZeroCater helps companies promote these important values and would love to bring your organization together over lunch.

For Goat’s Sake

Dear Diet,

“Things just aren’t going to work between us. It’s not me, it’s you. You’re tasteless, boring, and I can’t stop cheating on you.” -Funnymisfit.com

Baseball season and its wonderful vending variety has commenced, the summer social calendar is quickly picking up with work happy hours, summer BBQs and weddings galore and in preparation of all this tasty consumption, I can’t stop thinking about cheese. The timing couldn’t be worse for swimsuit season, but if you are having similar cravings, you are in for a mouthwatering treat.

Ironically, in the midst of the gorgeous, yet bustling iconic city of San Francisco, a festival like no other will take place this coming Saturday. If you enjoy the creamy goodness of cheese and petting adorable bahhing goats, this is your weekend scene. CUESA is helping honor the seventh annual Goat Festival celebrating all things goat. Between a goat cheese cooking demo and cheese offerings in wide array of dishes, my stomach is ready to walk me to the Embarcadero right now.

If you are interested in savoring some sunshine, goat petting and goat cheese tasting, here is the link for more information. And for goat’s sakes, don’t forget to put on some sunscreen this weekend as there will be plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s!

The Great Weight Debate

No matter what your political stance, there is no denying the obesity issue in the United States.

For all of the organic and locally sourced options we have today, there will always be a trans-fat laden and heavily processed counterpart.

A recent article brought attention to how obesity is becoming an issue of national security. It also highlights how it is something that can be prevented if the right habits are taught to children early on.

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Tax Day Freebies

That John Hampden was really on to something.

“Who the heck is that?” You may be asking. Well, a long, long time ago—in a port not so far away from our NYC office—there were some dudes who were pretty upset with the British government and their rules regarding taxes. Inhabitants in the Thirteen Colonies were pretty annoyed with ol’ King George, and decided to start a war called the American Revolution.

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2015 Conference Food Trends

Conferences and meetings take a serious amount of work to be successful. Floor plan layouts, agendas, and food are only a few components that work to make an event come to life. 2015 has brought about new trends that Event Coordinators are using globally, and with the help of research done by the International Association of Conference Centres, it is clear food is a hot topic.

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Smorgasburg Is Back!

After an unbearably cold and snowy winter, it is finally starting to look like Spring is in bloom in the New York area. The sun stays out just a little bit longer, and as each day passes, you can hear those birdies chirping just a little bit earlier each morning. As of April 4th, Smorgasburg has finally returned!

Smorgasburg, an all food focused outdoor market, has been around since 2011. Originally located on the Williamsburg waterfront on Saturdays, Smorgasburg has since opened a DUMBO location on Sundays as well. It has paved the way for many purveyors, pop-up kitchens, and food trucks to expand their businesses. It has also become a regular affair on the weekends in Brooklyn.

People from all over to indulge in the unique, local, and artisanal fare. Popular items, such as the widely sought after ramen burger and everything from Mighty Quinn’s barbeque, put Smorgasburg on the map, and ZeroCater vendor favorites like Gather, Bamboo Bites, Excell’s Kingston Eatery, Cemita’s Mexican Sandwiches and Handsome Hank’s Fish Hut have made people keep coming back for more.

New additions this year include: Best Buds Burritos, offering San Diego style burritos from two southern California brothers. In addition, there is also Antica Pesa, which will be serving up everything from freshly baked focaccia with mortadella, to frittata di pasta, which is reminiscent of an Italian style ramen burger, forming leftover pasta into patties and then deep-frying them. Also on the 2015 roster is Lower East Side favorite Birds & Bubbles, which created an exclusive sandwich consisting of hot fried chicken, pickled cucumbers and egg salad on a biscuit.

Smorgasburg is open from April-November, 11:00AM to 6:00PM, at East River State Park on Saturdays and Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5 on Sundays. We recommend getting there early with a group of friends, dividing, and conquering the infamously long lines.