Hustle Much?

Endurance, passion, confidence, hard work—the list continues as to what it truly means to hustle. Working in Silicon Valley can be overwhelming when you stop and realize just how hard everyone around you is hustling. You mean you didn’t build an app today? Oh, you haven’t started your own company yet? What do you mean you don’t know how to code? That’s common conversation, and sometimes it can feel pretty crazy.

I’ve worked in both SF and NYC and I couldn’t imagine two better cities that embrace the hustle more. To each their own though. As a follow up to the Hustlecon event in San Francisco, the presenters themselves were asked to define hustle. Here’s the answer. There’s no silver bullet.

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Break Out the Red, White, and Blue

Happy Belated Memorial Day!

As this year continues to fly by, we find ourselves celebrating a holiday that honors all of those who have given their life to our country’s defense.

Many Americans pay tribute to fallen soldiers by visiting memorials and cemeteries around the country. Some may even remember Memorial Day as “Decoration Day,” which originated after the Civil War to honor both the Union and Confederate soldiers.

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Memorial Day Weekend Getaways

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off a mass exodus in NYC. After having only lived here for one summer, it’s no secret that the natives flee the city at every chance they can during the summer months. At first, I was super confused why anyone would ever want to leave this city… like ever. Then I started to get a feel for all of the amazing places they were headed and it started to make more sense.

The Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, Newport, and other East Coast destinations have a ton to offer and they’re just a short distance from the Big Apple. Here’s a sneak peak into some hot destinations New Yorkers will be venturing toward this weekend:

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Take your Memorial Day BBQ from Good to Great

Call all your friends with access to a rooftop deck—we have a three-day weekend to kick off!

Memorial Day in Washington is best spent outside: catch a glimpse of the parade, snag a spot on the Capitol lawn for the concert, and (try) to reserve outdoor seating for bottomless brunch. Or avoid the crowds and try your hand at your own Memorial Day masterpiece. Round up your friends, and make that balcony BBQ memorable by following these tips:

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Five Resources for a Chicago Newcomer

So you’ve made the decision to move to the big city—how exciting!

I was in your shoes post-college, and while it can seem overwhelming at first, there are a few resources you should know about to make the process easier. Between researching apartments, trying your first Chicago deep dish pizza, and finding the perfect neighborhood, check out these five tools that I have come to love as I’ve settled in to this great city:

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NewCo Fest New York

On May 13th and 14th, a few of my colleagues and I had the distinct pleasure of attending NewCo Fest New York. Admittedly, we had not heard of the event before… and we were not quite sure what to expect. I speak for my whole team when I say that our expectations were beyond exceeded.

NewCo, sponsored by the likes of LinkedIn, Citi Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank, allows people to connect with innovative businesses in their native environments. They connect the founders and leaders of companies to interested parties and glean helpful insights, knowledge, and roadblocks that have come across in each of their unique journeys, all for the purpose of making a positive change in the world. NewCo now holds events in over fifteen cities worldwide, including New York, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley.

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Guac and Roll

As Jane Austen once eloquently stated, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a burrito.” Or something along those lines.

I know that living in California should give me some type of higher standard for burritos. But you know what? I love Chipotle—I don’t need a San Diego-style burrito, and I do not understand those rice-less things that cause the salsa to drip everywhere. I’m not above hybrids by any means, but french fries in your ‘rito? I mean come on, show some respect.

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Fillmore Jazz Stroll

Most people associate the 1920’s and 1930’s with the height of jazz. Great Gatsby-themed parties, flapper dresses, and prohibition all come to mind for me.

I recently learned a little more about the jazz era in San Francisco, coincidentally right before the Fillmore Jazz Stroll on May 16th, and boy—I didn’t know anything!

Jazz is America’s music. It started in neighborhoods, with people coming out to play together, creating beautiful medleys after a hard day’s work. It gave people a reason to dance during the Great Depression, got the country through World War II, and beat its way through the Civil Rights movement. To this day, its influence is still found in many of the top hits.

In San Francisco, jazz found home in the Western Addition portion of Fillmore. The SF Jazz Center lives there, and once you walk north of Geary, it’s like you’re in a living museum of murals on the side of buildings. Back in the day, meaning the fifties and sixties, this area was teeming with music. Underground clubs, small bands, and gangs of people would hit the streets to play their music.

To learn more about the city’s epic love affair with this genre, check out the Fillmore Jazz Stroll this Saturday. Music, food, booze, and fun. What more can you ask for on a Saturday in San Francisco?