Bacon or Sausage?

As a long-standing proponent of all things breakfast, the bacon versus sausage debate is one that I hold close to my heart. After twenty+ years of indulging, my love for both is so great that it is nearly impossible for me to choose between the two savory not-just-for-breakfast items.

Justine Sterling and Noah Kaufman, both of Food and Wine, broke the debate down even further and raised some very interesting points that have made me see the light and choose a side once and for all.

Sterling argues that sausage has the edge against bacon due to versatility. It can come as a link and serve as a juicy component to complete breakfast, and it also can be a patty that fits perfectly inside your breakfast sandwich. She also notes how mainstream bacon has become, and frankly, it is downright obnoxious. No, I do not want bacon-scented body wash… but I kind of do.

Similarly, Kaufman argues bacon’s extreme versatility. Bacon can be everything from the heart of a perfectly layered BLT, to the salty crumbles atop a nice Cobb Salad, to a crispy surprise to balance out your Bloody Mary.

Okay, so if you haven’t guessed it, I am #TeamBacon. Maybe I always have been? I don’t know, but I sure do know that any way you serve it, in all of its hickory-smoked, thick-slab glory; I will be the first in line for seconds.

If you are on the fence, as I was, check out Kaufman’s closing argument, and find the entire article here. Also, treat yourself to the Bacon & Beer Classic at Citi Field this Saturday!


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